Tailpiece - An Appreceation

By T. K. Hitchins

As President of PLYMOUTH ARGAUM RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB, an honour of which I am justly proud, I feel that I should write this "tailpiece". On behalf of the Club, all members past, present and even future, I wish to thank David Dobell for the tremendous amount of time and effort he has put into researching and writing this book. I am sure, however, that I can state that it was "a labour of love". Our thanks are also due to Mike Worth for the printing and to Dave Beer for the excellent art work on the front cover.

As I have stressed on many occasions, it is impossible to run a Rugger Club on players alone. I therefore propose to pay tribute to the "many" who have kept the wheels turning over the years. Of Leslie Paul, George Wakeham and Peter Matthews you will have read in the text. I would bring to your notice the following members Ed C. 0'Carroll, who with pipe and glass, gave us much needed support from the touch line (and in the bar) on many a stormy afternoon. he was an old player, staunch committee man and chairman of selectors for many years.

He was followed by Major "Ernie" Hamblin (whose two sons played for the Club) to whom most of the fore-going remarks apply. This office has lately been filled by Mike Pike in similar fashion. We owe them many thanks for their work.

Coaches, "a necessary evil" - commencing with Tommy Hayman, Vic Brooks, Barry Rees, Len Copley, Roger Tinson and finally Geoff White. For performing this thankless task, we salute you and offer our grateful thanks.

Now the builders, Colin Whiting and Norman White, who taught many of us to lay blocks (in fact I appear to have been laying blocks off and on ever since). This tradition has been ably carried on by Malcolm Hawed and his team, who have virtually refurbished the Club house in preparation for the Centenary. Then there are those stalwarts who started, and have run the bar - Jimmy Russell, Colin Lavers, Frank Lavis, and now the one and only Bill Annandale, whose connections with the licensing trade have made the Bar into what it is today, something of which any club should be proud. We also owe a great deal of thanks to those ladies who over the years have contributed greatly to our comfort on the catering front. Our thanks are due certainly to June Russell, Ann Rees, Pat Price, Judy Lavers, Sylvia Green, Jane Blonden and many others. Then for a period we had great service in this department from Peter Green, who took a break from playing, to cope with the catering. Over the last few years, the Kitchen has been re-vamped and now provides excellent meals in the capable hands of Bobby Bawden, Joan Critten and Janey Osborne.

I would now call to your attention those indefatigable "first aiders" in the person of Tom Luckhan and his side kick Bill Bailey.

It is my hope that any person that I have omitted to mention will take the publication of this book as a sincere tribute to ALL who have in any way helped PLYMOUTH ARGAUM over these last one hundred years.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been a member of the club for over half a century and to have made so many wonderful friends during this period.

I recommend the Club to all - May it go on from strength to strength.


.... The End .....


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