The Sixties (1960-1970)

Season 1960 - 61

John Keating (No.8) was captain Dave Algate vice but the latter moved from Plymouth early in the season. The field at Estover was finally and irrevocably lost to the Club, Plymouth City Council having obtained a compulsory purchase order, moved with shattering rapidity. The continuing "quarrying" at Bickleigh Down was not in vain, as it was possible to bring further pitches into use almost immediately. At the same time making one available for Devonport High School Old Boys for their home games (they having followed the club from the George and indeed assisted in the foundation forming). However, the result, fourArgaum sides plus DHSOB RFC was to place overwhelming pressure on the barely completed Clubhouse. Despite all these distractions the 1st XV held their own with 17 wins 18 defeats and 4 draws points 285-260. Opening with defeats at Hayle and Kingsbridge they recovered fairly well and indeed on September 24th inflicted defeat on Salcombe by the surprising margin of 43-0 at Bickleigh Down. However, in the New Year the South Hams side reversed the record at Salcombe to the tune of 0-19. Kingsbridge went on to complete the double but the 1st XV for their part gained a similar success over Exeter Saracens, St Columba, Launceston, OPMs and Torquay Harlequins, DHSOB proved somewhat a thorn in the flesh - it is not clear which was the home team - with scores of 3-3 and 6-10. Blackwood were again welcome visitors at Easter - (apart from the result 0-6) whilst C Division did even better, 0-13. During this season, the Club visited C Division at Imber Court. The match, which Argaum lost 6-11, was played in the morning and the Club was lavishly entertained by their hosts. There followed a memorable trip to Twickenham in our own coach, escorted through the International Match traffic by two police motorcycle outriders, ensuring a swift passage. On the Sunday we played at Ealing on a pitch resembling a marsh, managing to achieve a 3-0 win.


1st XV 1960 - 61

The A XV W11, L18, D1, 252-275, the Extra A had a busy season, W11, L13, D1, 220-352, while the Colts just broke even W13, L12, 213-263. Plymouth College were responsible for their heaviest two defeats. The social side was not neglected, a Christmas pantomime at the Club "Off White and the Seven Suds", courtesy of the Chairmanís wife Peggy Hitchins, whilst the annual report expressed the hope that the Chairman would refrain from visiting beaches in the summer lest the sight of unlimited quantities of sand should impel him to order an equivalent of cement! The 1st XV photograph includes Bob Wright, Nigel Haddon, Peter Green, Bill Ryan, Roy Friend and Dave Board, under of course, the benevolent eye of John Keating.


2nd XV 1960 - 61

Season 1961 - 62

The Clubís 75th Anniversary and the Devon R.F.U. promised to field a County side at Bickleigh in the course of the season. John Keating - a great extrovert - fortunately continued as captain. Roy Friend - having emigrated from the South Hams somewhat previously - his vice. Appropriately a very busy playing season with no less than 43 completed fixtures, 19 wins, 19, losses and 5 draws - and but one cancellation - 343-323. Kingsbridge, Albion United and Salcombe inflicted the double, whilst Hayle won the opening fixture on their ground comfortably enough. On the credit side, St. Columba, OPOs and Old Suttonians provided the Club with its doubles. Easter was particularly busy. Ealing 14-17, Blackwood (once again) 11-11, Bristol Hospitals 11-6 and C Division 0-18. The A XV W16, L18, 290-299 and the Extra A W11, L11, D2, 175-264. The Colts, captained by Johnny Johnson, W23, L8, D2, 487-314, experiencing a purple patch in the New Year when they won 12, lost 1 and drew 2. Devon, as promised, sent a strongish side and in a somewhat one sided contest won comfortably 39-12. The Argaum team for the occasion R Wright, G Bryan, M Perkins, J Bresher, M Dodd, A Kirby, C Burrows, R Friend, A Stidwell, P Green, B Rees, R Browning, N Haddon, J Keating and K Beake.



12th APRIL 1962

G. Finnie, B. Rees, B. Browning, G. Bryan, C. Burrows, P. Green, M. Dodd, A. Stidwell, N. Haddon,

G. Kirby, R. Friend, J. Keating (Capt.), M. Perkins, K. Beake,

R. Wright, J. Bresher

The County also produced a Devon Colts side for the occasion, who had a far harder struggle against the enthusiastic Argaum youngsters, the County eventually winning 14-6. This season a start was made with a 2nd Colts XV, raising the number of Saturday Sides to 5. The side was entitled (possibly with some justification) the 'B' Colts whose figures in its inaugural season read W1, L10, D1.

Although not necessarily part of the 75th celebrations, the press recorded the wedding of John Keating and Miss M T Sparks - daughter of the well known English international hooker.

Dingles in the City Centre was the venue of the 75th anniversary dinner in February, attended by some 150 members and guests. Ray Hole President of Devon RFU was the principal guest and Leslie Paul, wearing his hat as a member of the City Council responded to the toast of the City of Plymouth. Plans were also in hand to run a midweek civilian XV the following season and that great club stalwart Ken Pooley, whose current activities allowed him leisure midweek but not Saturdays, was prepared to run the side backed up by Bob Earl, a member of the Western Morning news staff, whose talents extended not only to reporting rugby but the musical world also.

Season 1962 - 63

The midweek XV - Plymouth Argaum Barbarians - duly came to fruition, owing their title undoubtedly to the Devon Barbarians, who operated in midweek before the war. Like all newly formed sides it found the opposition of well established midweek sides, mainly service, somewhat heavy going. The opening game against HMS Lion was a discouraging 0-35, nevertheless with Ken Pooley giving them every encouragement they completed 22 fixtures in their inaugural season, wining but 3, losing 18 and drawing one, 99-347.

On the Saturday front, experienced prop Roy Friend - who had some seasons earlier saved the day for Salcombe with his try against Argaum - became captain, stand off Tony "Rip" Kirby his deputy. Opening with a win over Plymouth Police, they travelled to Hayle, losing 12-28. Argaumís 4 tries all being scored by Ricky Marshall, a fast moving elusive wing three quarter whose previous experience had been with the A Colts. Thereafter followed a series of disasters, 6-30 v Exeter Saracens, Plymouth Albion United 0-36, Kingsbridge 0-18 and St Lukes Exiles 10-11. October 6th v Devonport HSOB, 10-9 brought temporary relief and the remainder of the year showed some improvement but no real consistency. Just before Christmas a big freeze set in resulting in 8 consecutive cancellations. Whether the 1st team were in need of the rest or not must be a matter of speculation, but it is a fact that of the remaining 13 fixtures, 10 were won and 1 drawn. The two defeats, Exeter Saracens 0-8 and C Division 3-9, one double over RNE College II and wins over Salcombe and Services A. John Richards, stand off and captain of the "A" side, kept them on a pretty even keel, with 12 wins, 13 losses and 2 draws, 260-259. The Extra A had a credit balance in the points column at long last, W11, L10, D1, 197-178, whilst the A Colts had precisely the same figures save points, 182-163. Finally, the "B" Colts progressed to 7 wins and 11 defeats, 177-259. One result of the big freeze was extensive damage to the boiler that heated the bath water, but fortunately Tom Hitchins rose to the occasion with a series of pipes and string that would have been a credit to cartoonist Heath Robinson - but it worked. Repairs were eventually effected courtesy of the insurers.

Season 1963 - 64

Rip Kirby was captain, Ken Beake his vice. Ted Delve the President resigned and George Cross a player of the 1930s taking over. John Richards continued in charge of the A side. There was a promising opening, with 4 consecutive wins, until at Hayle, after levelling the scores early in the second half, the Cornishmen swept out of sight, 9-30. Form continued in and out for the rest of the year, and after losing the two opening games in 1964, the team, like its immediate predecessor, took a grip of things winning 12 and drawing 3 of the remaining 18 games. Included in this period, the double over Launceston - 8-0 on each occasion - and wins over Cullompton and Services A, with very respectable final figures of 23 wins 13 losses 3 draws, 373-229. In addition to the captain and vice captain, regulars included Harold Brickwood, John Ellis, Roy Friend, Barry Rees and Bob Wright, whilst the Colts side earned its keep by supplying some 4 or 5 of its previous under 18s. John Ellis, a very speedy wing, claimed 30 tries. The A XV figures, W14, L11, D3, 253-174. The Extra A W8, L16, D1, 239-273, and the A Colts W13, L15, D1, 296-225. Of their match at St Ives against the local Colts side, the report reads "Fleming, a home centre, palpably knocked on and after kicking across the visitors goal line, he leapt on top of the full back, who had safely grounded the ball - a try was awarded" a piece of unbiased reporting by the seaside press. Eventually, virtue was rewarded. St Ives Colts 5 Argaum Colts 14. The B Colts encouragingly went into a plus - just - W9, L8, D2, 183-167, and the Barbarians W5, L13, D12, 147-285. The teams using the Clubhouse caused problems with very crowded changing accommodation, and attempts to stagger kick off times met with very little co-operation. During the closed season, Brian Mortimer, who made a number of 1st team appearances in the centre signed for the rugby league side Hull Kingston Rovers, who never apparently given to scouting in the South West, Brianís progress or otherwise in his new sphere, remains a closed book.

Season 1964 - 65

Ian Cooper, a very solid scrummaging prop forward became captain, Geoff Bryan, Nigel Hadden, Peter Green, John Ellis and Rip Kirby in support, from the previous year Stuart Morrow full back, vice captain, Geoff Johnstone and John Price adding strength and mobility to the pack. The seasonís record: W23, L10, D4, 486-227, and starting with a bang 12 wins and a draw in the first fourteen games, Salcombe, C Division and a good Easter touring side Stafford (11-8) being included in the victims. The A side, led by former club captain Roy Friend, were even more successful, with 29 wins and 3 losses, gaining the double over Old Technicians, Kingsbridge A, Plymouth Albion Nomads and Truro II, an overall gratifying points record of 463-130. Nevertheless, in a highly successful club season, pride of place probably belongs to Bill Farrenís A Colts, who in winning 28 games and losing 3, set up the almost incredible point scoring record of 945-89. It is perhaps worth recording the names of the lads who participated in this remarkable record, the majority of whom continued with the Club after reaching 18. J Perring, P Picken, M Allen, P Sargeant, J Oliver, C Pascoe, B Hambly, D Martin, F Rogers, P Burgom, C Cooms, P Clarke, E Hill, R Bowden, F Lavis (Capt.), C Tucker, I Kirkpatrick and K Renshaw. Of one of their few defeats at the hands of a Plymouth Combination (adult) side, Old Suttonians 6-8, the press report reads "Old Suttonians were surprised to find themselves facing the A Colts side instead of the Extra A, but they never had a chance to judge the difference because they were hurried from pillar to post by the younger lighter team. Heavily outweighed and manoeuvred in the pack, the Colts took every advantage in the line out and went into the lead when Burgom crossed - much to the delight of their supporters. Oliver, who with Lavis, was outstanding in the pack, scored a brilliant try to give the visitors a 6 point lead at the interval. The Old Boys came crashing back in the second half, tries by Crowden and Burns levelling and David Johns conversion winning this very exciting game". Finally, to cap the seasonís scores, Argaum Barbarians W14, L10, D1, 281-240 and the B Colts, W10, L11, D1.

Season 1965 - 66

John Price, an attacking wing forward took over as captain. John was old fashioned enough as to consider that rugby was primarily a game of running and passing and in imposing his own standards on the team and as a result the majority of games were an entertaining exhibition of open rugby. Rip Kirby started out as vice captain, but soon moved to Plymouth Albion. John was supported by Stuart Morrow, scrum half Colin Lavers and the mercurial fast breaking Bill Ryan at stand off, Geoff Johnstone, Peter Green, Ian Cooper and Nigel Haddon in the pack supported by several of the previous Colts side, who had now attained their rugby "majority" viz. Frank Lavis, Fred Rogers and Mike Oliver in the pack and outside Dave Martin, a side that gave the fast moving John Ellis a chance to display his attacking talents on the wing. The team record lived up to Johnís example, W30, L8, D2, 444 - 194. The greatest margin of defeat was 12-17 against Plymouth Albion United (10-11 the return) Salcombe - for once - were disposed of 11-6 and 23-6, both at Salcombe; Launceston 14-0 and 8-8. Whilst good wins were recorded over St Brendains Old Boys 3-0, Brixham 1st XV 3-0, touring sides Windsor 11-3 and St Marys Old Boys 17-6 a pointless draw with Tiverton but, "C" Division 6-8. It was decided to re-name the adult sides - other than the 1st XV, the A side becoming Plymouth Argaum Wanderers, the Extra A XV the Drifters and with a steady influx of playing members, another (over 18) side was formed rejoicing in the title of the Floaters. The Colts - conservatively - retained their original titles. Roy Friend captained the Wanderers in a highly successful season, winning 26 losing 4, 415-129 and it is briefer to pick out the 4 defeats, Wadebridge Camels 15-17, Devonport Services B 3-10 (22-0 in the return) Plymouth Albion Nomads 3-8 (return 6-5) and Launceston A 6-8 (19-9). Included were wins over tourists Worcester College Oxford 9-3 and Gloucester Civil Service 5-0. The Drifters W16, L9, 338-145 and the Floaters, as with most newly formed sides, won but 5, lost 12 and drew 1, 105 - 201. The A Colts deprived of most of their stars through antiquity, had the respectable figures of 20W, 6L, 1D, 385-186. With a nail biting finish against Tiverton Colts 16-18 and doubles over Launceston Colts, Sutton Exiles and Devonport High School, only Hayle Colts 3-21 made a dent in the record. The B Colts won 7, lost 9, but managed a points surplus 214 - 178. The Wednesday Barbarians stuttered somewhat W3, L11, D1, 102-221. However, 7 sides - 6 on Saturdays, were fielded on a regular basis.

Tom Hitchins, a non runner himself, had the happy thought of introducing a Clubís captain board, the work of one of the club members Dave Blakney. Of 19 former Club captains known to be living no less than 14 attended the unveiling ceremony, performed by the doyen of them all, Vic Brooks (1925-6). To record the names of the other captains present - many of whom had travelled considerable distances to be present. Bill Westlake 1929-30, Eric Hannah 1936-7, Tony Birnage 1937-9, Leslie Neale 1946-7, Bill Farren 1950-3, Jack Douglas 1953-5, John Frankham 1955-6 and 1957-9, Chris Magner 1956-7, Harold Brickwood 1959-60, John Keating 1960-2, Roy Friend 1962-3, Tony Kirby 1963-4, Ian Cooper 1964-5 and - although at that stage - hardly a past captain John Price 1965-6.

Season 1966 - 67

Billy Ryan, associated with the Club from his school days, a fast breaking, incisive, quick thinking stand off half took over the captaincy, whilst Rip Kirby returned from his Plymouth Albion excursion to operate the base of the scrum. The 1st XV made an encouraging start by going without defeat until 29th October but thereafter "stuttered" somewhat (despite a double over Salcombe) and recovered in the period January to March to score 6 wins 2 draws and a defeat. The results included creditable wins over Launceston and Exeter Saracens and away draws with Crediton and Newquay Hornets. There were narrow defeats at Tiverton 0-3, St Marys Old Boys 6-8 and "C" Division 3-6. However, the crowning point of the season was the match against Camborne - at Camborne - when the Club against all expectations, defeated the home sideís 1st XV 8-3 and this despite losing one of the Clubís key players Dave martin at stand off with a broken ankle early in the second half. For some time the Club had been pressing for an opportunity to meet stronger opposition with, let it be said, no encouragement whatsoever from the Devon County Committee and a win such as this surely emphasised the Clubís potential. However, the Cornish press, whilst accepting Argaumís superiority, suggested "Camborne are heading for junior status". The tries were scored by wing forwards Fred Rogers and John Price, Kirby kicking a conversion. On the other side of the coin, a Cambridge touring side, Old Perseans, ironically under the management of a former Argaum member, gave the Club a lesson in the value of backing up and deservedly inflicted the heaviest defeat of the season 5-28 and this at Bickleigh Down. The final figures for the season, W22, L12, D5, 426-239.


1st XV 1966 - 67

The Wanderers had a very good year, W24, L5, D2, beating most other club 2nd XVs - with the exception of Truro II and returning 5-8 and 14-6 v St Austell 1st XV. The Drifters W16, L8, D2, 271-179, but the Floaters won but 1, losing 13 and drawing 3, 38-209. The A Colts, despite heavy defeats at the hands of St Austell Colts, St Boniface College and Tiverton, emerged W17, L12, 300-244. John Williams, a massive forward, played regularly - and equally as regularly kicked goals - for the Devon Colts side. The B Colts W2, L8, D1, 28-130 and the Barbarians W6, L8, D1, 139-131, but both these sides tapered off early in March. The continued overcrowding in the dressing rooms, the result of so many sides, resulted in DHSOB seeking pastures new.


2nd XV 1966 - 67

Season 1967 - 68

Tony Blonden a hard running centre with an eye for an opening took over as captain, Geoff Bryan being in charge of the Wanderers. After 15 years as Hon. Secretary, David Dobell was replaced by Frank Kingwell. Losing the opening game at Kingsbridge, the Club suffered but one further defeat in the next 11 games, v Devonport Service A 3-5, but both Launceston and Newquay Hornets put a crimp in the proceedings by each gaining the double at the Clubís expense whilst Hayle completed a Cornish trilogy winning the one fixture 11-3. The double was gained at Salcombeís expense and there were drawn games with Crediton and Tiverton. In a season in which the opposition was generally stronger than hitherto, a record of 19W, 12L and 5D, 398-247, was more than respectable. John Ellis and Billy Ryan were amongst the points with Rip Kirby responsible for the goal kicking; former Colts Frank Lavis , Clive Pascoe, Fred Rogers, Dave Martin, Dave King and John Clarke made valuable contributions to the club's playing record.

The Wanderers had yet another very successful season, W24, L6, D1, 426-100, which included the double over St Austell, Newquay Hornets II, Liskeard/Looe and Brixham II. The Drifters W14, L11, D3, 275-155 and the Floaters W6, L11, 115-263. The A Colts W16, L8, D2, 372-252. In addition to John Williams continuing his success with the Devon Colts, Pau1 Beed, an intelligent stand off, appeared for that side. At a time when DHSOB had vacated to give extra changing space at the Club. The B Colts ceased to operate, as did the Wednesday Barbarians XV. The demise of the Argaum Barbarians was due to the introduction of all day opening on Wednesday for all the department stores.

Season 1968 - 69

Frank Lavis, who had captained the highly successful Colts side of 1964-5, and who since had made his position in the first team pack his own, took over as club captain supported by a vastly experienced and wily scrum half Ray Plummer, who had moved from Newquay to Plymouth and indeed whilst playing for the Hornets the previous season had scored against the Club. Outside Ken Daniels, equally at home and successful at full back or centre, together with Dave Martin and Billy Ryan were towers of strength, in the pack were the experienced Peter Green, Barry Rees and John Price with strong support from former Colts now including the massive 17 stone former Devon Colt John Williams.

This season was the inauguration by the Devon RFU Committee of the Devon Cup, open to most Devon Clubs, irrespective of status. In the first round, the Club was drawn away to RNE College. Losing a back row forward through injury in the opening minutes the rest of the side had to defend resolutely but went into arrears after 33 minutes, and indeed continued on the defensive throughout the first half being penned in their own 25 for long periods. Graham was responsible for the College try. It was not until 15 minutes from time when the College mishandled a long kick from Ken Daniels, that John Price, following up at speed, touched down to level the scores. Subsequently, but not at this time, a rule was introduced making the away side winners in drawn games. The return on October 9th again at Keyham was a late afternoon/early evening kick off and due to the light - or lack of it - had to be abandoned 9 minutes from the end and indeed the same problem had prevented extra time in the first game. In the replay the club were leading by 3 John Williams penalties to one in reply from the College and in the event the DRU awarded the game to Argaum. In the next round the Club travelled to Barnstaple, the report reading "Revived after 10 years the Devon Cup boosted Barnstapleís gate noticeably. However, the game did not improve their reputation!". Barnstaple won comfortably enough 26-3 Jim Francis scoring Argaumís lone try. Including Devon Cup games, the overall record was W23, L11, D2, 565-266, including the double over Kingsbridge, Services A, Newquay Hornets, Withycombe and Old Heleans. Hayle 0-5 and 11-15 were the only club to gain the double over Argaum, although Crediton 3-3 at Plymouth and 11-18 in the return were nearly there. Touring side Stourbridge was successful 3-11.


1st XV 1968 - 69

The Wanderers opened the season on a note of tragedy, when in the second game at South Molton against their Unicorns, Argaum full back Peter Bond was seriously injured in a tackle and rushed to hospital, where he remained for 18 weeks. After considerable anxiety, he pulled through to some extent, but was left without the use of his legs and confined to a wheel chair. Clubs throughout the country rallied round to subscribe to the Peter Bond fund opened by the Devon RFU. The County Committee (President George Wakeham the former Argaum player) arranged a benefit match, a City of Plymouth XV v the Devon Presidents XV, for which Plymouth Albion willingly made Beacon Park available. John Price of Argaum was honoured with the captaincy of the Plymouth side, for whom Jim Francis also appeared in the centre, the balance of the team comprising Plymouth Albion players. The President amassed a powerful side including Ken Plummer (brother of the Argaum scrum half) Dick Uzell and Howard Norris - both Welsh caps - supported by a galaxy of county players. The result, a wonderful exhibition before a crowd of over 5,000, the Presidents team carrying out their captain's orders (Howard Norris) to throw the ball around, the Plymouth side making its own contribution to open play, the difference between the sides - primarily speed - saw the President's side romp home by 53 points to 16. The Peter Bond fund benefited substantially and part of the proceeds were used to purchase a car for him - which with his wife as chauffeur gave him and his family mobility.

The Wanderers, under Ian Cooper, had a wonderful season W29, L2, D3, 746-139. The two defeats were in the opening half of the season 9-13 v Exeter University II and 9-11 v Crediton II, whilst St Austell 0-0 and Kingsbridge A 6-6 accounted for the draws. There were doubles over Cullompton, S Molton Unicorns (including 41-9 in the Peter Bond match) Launceston A, Brixham II, Prince Rock and Liskeard/Looe. The Drifters also had a successful season W20, L7, D4, 376-178, with more than a fair share of tight finishes. Old Technicians 11-11 and 8-5, Torquay Ramblers 3-3, Bideford III 4-3, Barnstaple B 9-11 Veor Social Club 6-9 and Exeter University III 3-6, the one really merited defeat was by Easter tourists Seaford 9-21. The Floaters, 9 wins 11 defeats, 161-241. The A Colts W15, L9, D1, 412-187. The B Colts managed but 2 games, a defeat and a draw and by the end of September had petered out through lack of players.

Season 1969 - 70

With the experienced Ray Plummer as captain the first team started off with 5 wins in the first 6 games, including Newquay Hornets and Services A, a 3-3 draw with Crediton being the exception. Away to Falmouth, the side went under by the narrow margin of 8-11 (John Price try, conversion Paul Beed, Dave King penalty goal). However, the following week South Molton were comfortably disposed of in the Devon Cup to the tune of 28-5. Exeter University inflicted a sharp defeat 3-20, after which, success was resumed, Kingsbridge 27-17, Okehampton 25-3, Tiverton 24-8, Exeter Saracens 22-11 and Camborne School of Mines 16-3. There followed defeats 3-16 Services A and Hayle 3-14, but the next week the Club disposed of Brixham in the Devon Cup at Bickleigh Down by 21-12 after being 3-9 down - the scorers Daniels penalty goal plus 3 conversions tries M Williams, T Williams and Perring. The successful team P Marshall, M Williams, K Daniels, R Curtis, C Muir, P Beed, R Plummer, D King, J Clarke, T Williams, F Lavis, R Jones, F Rogers, R Bowden and G Perring. This win resulted in an away fixture in the next round of the Devon Cup against Devonport Services, who were to become the Clubís chief bugbear in this competition and this, the first meeting was no exception. Losing Craig Muir through injury early in the 2nd half, the Club exited from the competition 0-9. In other results the Club completed the double over Kingsbridge, Newquay and Launceston but Hayle reversed the trend 3-14 and 3-8, whilst Brixham convincingly reversed their cup defeat, this time at Brixham 0-15. A nip and tuck battle at Bideford - arranged at short notice - resulted in a 16-18 defeat due eventually to a try by Bidefordís Turner which, according to the local press, "resulted from a remarkable decision by the referee (Bill Pain) which was hotly and justifiably disputed by the Argaum players". Easter visitors Oldham 6-6 and Newport Saracens 3-11: The team results for the season W26, L10, D2, 607-270. Tom Doughty captained the Wanderers who W24, L12, D2, 517-258, whilst the Drifters with "veteran" John Ellis in charge, turned in most respectable figures W23, L5, D2 and the Floaters W8, L10, D2. The Colts struggled throughout a season in which their playing strength was rarely sufficient to raise a full side and on this account suffered several heavy defeats to end W9, L15, D1, 280-339. The sudden break in the success of the Colts was due to six of the best players being persuaded to defect to Albion. Another former Argaum player, George Creber (a pre-war "flying" wing three quarter) had become Lord Mayor of the City of Plymouth and was therefore conveniently on hand to perform the opening ceremony for an additional - and very necessary - bar at the Clubhouse, appropriately named "Tomís bar".

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